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The sweetest refreshment

Frutaria produces peaches with white, yellow and red flesh from the month of April until mid-September.

Three production areas:

Aragón:The production period begins just after the western area of Spain, although it ends later, in the month of September. The varieties present more flavour than the rest.

Extremadura: The varieties are not as early as those of the southern part of Spain. Their colouration is optimal, their skin is fine and their flavour exquisite.

Andalucía: The varieties are the earliest of Europe. They present good colouring, very fine skin and an unbeatable appearance.

Their consumption provides the body with vitamin A, vitamin C, beta carotene and mineral salts. As with all the stone fruits, their flavour is increased when they are consumed at room temperature. If they are washed well, they can be eaten with the skin and thus increase our consumption of vegetable fibre.