• pear


In summer, autumn and winter

Frutaria produces early varieties of pears such as the Limonera, others typical of the summer (Ercolini, Blanquilla…) and later varieties such as Conferencia, Passa-crassana, Decana or General Leclerc, whose season is extended thanks to the preservation systems available in our cold storage plants.
Two production areas:

Aragón:Gives fruit with much sugar, very uniform, of consistent pulp and smooth skin.

Extremadura:Due to its climatic coincidences, it offers fruit similar to that of Aragón with a single difference of some earlier varieties. Their consumption provides the body with pectin, vitamin C, folic acid and mineral salts, especially potassium. Pectin helps to regulate intestinal transit. Their content in natural sugars and mineral salts make them a perfect snack, especially suitable after carrying out physical labour or sports activities.